Allocation - Adults

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Allocation - Adults
1 Indictable only
2 summary only
3 triable either way
3.1 plea?
3.1.1 guilty sentencing powers great enough? if yes - sentence if no - sent to CC
3.1.2 not guilty prosecution address the bench can be one magistrate, usually two suitable for summary? sentencing powers prosecution submissions defence submissions sentencing guidelines SGC allocation guideline yes the defendant can choose must be told can still be sent up for sentencing case appears suitable for summary trial indication of sentence D must ask Mags do not have to give If given the D can choose to enter a plea If enters G then the magistrates cannot give a custodial sentence unless they indicated that they would If no G plea then Mags are not bound by the indication P can make a rep if they think the mags do not have sufficient sentencing power Can choose to be tried by a jury - case sent up to CC Magistrates court less time, less stress Prosecution & D costs less no obligation to serve D statement
4 Criminal damage
4.1 less than £5k - summary only
4.2 more than £5K EW
4.3 Market value at time not consequential loss
5 Crown court
5.1 greater chance of aquittal
5.2 More time to prepare
5.3 better proce for challenging admissibility
6 applies
6.1 over 18
6.2 EW offence
6.3 NG plea

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