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This work has three themes linked together, the main theme is capitalized

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mental map
  1. Young people represent 30% of the Colombian population
    1. Youth unemployment is 17%
    2. Government targets for 2014
      1. Increase educational coverage
        1. Half of young people should continue studying after high school
          1. improve accessibility
          2. “Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education in Colombia”
            1. High dropout rates
              1. in secondary school – students’ results were low at the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
                1. Young must decide between:
                  1. Technical formation
                    1. Higher education
                      1. Public education
                        1. private education
                          1. Having a college degree
                            1. With undergraduate earn 3.5 times more than a bachelor
                              1. Masterfully wins 8 times
                          2. If young people are best prepared in high school they are more likely to enter higher education
                          3. GRADES AT POSTGRADUATE LEVEL
                            1. work environment
                              1. needs to
                                1. undergraduate
                                  1. graduate
                                    1. emphasis is made to continue studying in graduate programs
                                  2. What is important?
                                    1. The qualifications
                                      1. Reputation University
                                        1. Work experience
                                        2. TOP FIVE THINGS TO ACHIEVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE
                                          1. Having flexible attitude
                                            1. Embrace the truth
                                              1. Exercise, healthy diet and sleep
                                                1. Laughter
                                                  1. Time management
                                                    1. The technology
                                                      1. abuse of technology
                                                        1. Stress.
                                                          1. Weight gain
                                                            1. Depression
                                                              1. Exhaustion
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