All you need is Convergence

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Mind map about convergence

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All you need is Convergence
  1. What is convergence?
    1. Probably, it has a different meaning for you in the same way it has a different meaning for me
      1. Anyway, it must to be released with...
        1. A way to survive in a competitive information world
          1. A specific quality that makes you stronger in the market, mixing different kinds of tools
            1. A new way to present information and make it more attractive and more interesting to the audience
            2. According to Rich Gordon
              1. Connection between different media platforms, work in team and cooperation with other professionals to develop an excellent product
                1. Different forms...
                  1. Synergy: Partnership between media companies
                    1. Multi-skills. Probably you are not able to do every kind of things, you need to work in team!
                      1. Storytelling convergence
                        1. We are journalists, storytelling is our best skill
                          1. So, make it real and present contents in different platforms with a particular storytelling
                2. More competitive
                  1. If you manage different platforms and you are able to create contents in each one, congratulations!
                    1. Why?
                      1. You know the answer, you are able to communicate your stories to more people and also make it for the more comprehensible
                    2. Create your own brand
                      1. People are going to know about your work. They are going to know about your skills and they will prefer your stories against the others
                        1. Why?
                          1. Because you are thinking out of the cage, you create contents for everybody!
                    3. Conclusion
                      1. We use convergence to do a better journalism
                        1. Explore different platforms and think out of the cage. Be creative!
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