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Scientific report project mind map
Rachel O'Rourke
Mind Map by Rachel O'Rourke, updated more than 1 year ago
Rachel O'Rourke
Created by Rachel O'Rourke about 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Reasons for
    1. To reduce carbon dioxide levels
      1. Natural options may take too long
        1. To reduce earths rising surface temperature
        2. Strategies
          1. Solar radiation management
            1. Space mirrors
              1. Reflective aerosols
                1. Increase reflectiveness of clouds and land surfaces
                2. Carbon dioxide removal
                  1. Iron fertilisation in oceans
                    1. Artificial Trees
                      1. Afforestation
                    2. Risks
                      1. Messing with nature
                        1. Reduced Rainfall
                          1. Increased natural disasters
                            1. Interference with natural weather phenomena
                              1. Changes to weather patterns
                              2. Project fails
                                1. Unknown long term effects
                                  1. Global warming made worse
                                    1. May be too late to invest in natural alternatives
                                  2. Alternatives
                                    1. Reduce carbon dioxide production
                                      1. Stop burning fossil fuels
                                        1. Stop mass animal farming
                                          1. Government incentives for recycling
                                          2. Invest in renewable energies
                                            1. Solar
                                              1. Wind
                                                1. Biofuels
                                                  1. Hydro power
                                                    1. Electric cars
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