Belief in God

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Belief in God
1 Reasons for believing in God
1.1 Religious Upbringing
1.1.1 Parents Have babies baptised Promise to teach about God and bring up christian children As part of the sacrament they encourage belief. Teach you to pray They think God listens to their prayers.
1.1.2 Education and surroundings Church so many people Sunday School Learn more and understand Church school Christianity becomes a normal thing in life.
1.1.3 Vows and experience. Confirmation Learn more in confirmation lessons
1.2 Religious Experience
1.2.1 The numinous Feels presence of God when they see beauty Feel something greater than them Father Yves Dubois whilst praying before a statue of Our Lady,
1.2.2 Conversion Commit yourself to God During civil war, Raymond Nader felt the numinous and committed himself, giving up his fighting Feels born again
1.2.3 Miracles Breaks science, only God explains Terminal illness patient, cured, how?
1.2.4 Prayer Feel contact with God
1.3 Design Argument
1.3.1 Evidence DNA
1.3.2 Paley's Watch
1.3.3 Pros There is evidence must have a designer Must be God
1.3.4 Cons Evidence for lack of design Science explains Not necessarily God
1.4 Causation argument
1.4.1 Domino effect
1.4.2 Temp leads to ice melting
1.4.3 Must be an original cause God
1.4.4 Cons Why stop at God Why God
2 Scientific Theories on the origins of the world
2.1 Big Bang
2.1.1 Thermo-dynamics Matter is eternal Can't be created or destroyed
2.1.2 Life cycle of a star
2.1.3 start of life on Earth
2.1.4 Evidence Red shift
2.2 Evolution
2.2.1 Evidence Fossils Similarities between species
2.2.2 Survival of the fittest
2.2.3 Genetic research
2.3 Leads to Atheism
2.3.1 No reference to God
3 Religious response to Science
3.1 Science is true but caused by God
3.1.1 It was perfect timing
3.1.2 God made the scientific laws
3.1.3 Life on Earth requires Carbon, supplied by God
3.2 Science is wrong, Bible is right
3.2.1 evidence is explained by Noah's flood (totally changing rock formations)
3.2.2 creationism
3.3 Both are right
3.3.1 God's day may be millions or billions of years
3.3.2 it all fits together like a jigsaw
4 Unanswered Prayer, Evil and Suffering
4.1 Prayer
4.1.1 Leads to Atheism Not got the Numinous can't exist Not answered
4.1.2 Religious Response Too selfish Too Personal Human parents don't always give children what they want Trust God's love to do what is best for us The answer may just be no...
4.2 Evil
4.2.1 Moral Evil Abuse of free will
4.2.2 Natural Evil Volcano's
4.2.3 Leads to rejection of God Omnipotent - could remove evil Omni-benevolent - wants to remove evil If he exists why do we suffer? Why would he design a world with natural evil? Why does he not stop people? Omniscient - knew what would happen, why not prevent it?
4.2.4 Religious response There is a reason for leaving it Want's us to help ourselves He gave us free will To teach us a lesson He may want those that die through natural evil in heaven

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