Express Trusts

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The following mind map charters the creation of express trusts and the methods by which the Irish courts will intervene and perfect an imperfect gift or an incompletely constituted trust.

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Express Trusts
1 Formalities


  • What formalities apply to this type of trust (if any) and have they been observed?
1.1 Wills
1.2 Gifts
2 Perfection Techniques


  • In what circumstances will the court come to the assistance of a volunteer when there has been an imperfect gift or an incompletely constituted trust?
2.1 Rule in Strong v Bird
2.2 Third Party Fault
2.3 Proprietary Estoppel
2.3.1 Donatio Mortis Causa Gift in contemplation of death Gift conditional upon death Delivery of Subject Matter
3 Three Certainties


  • Have the three certainties been satisfied and what are the consequences of non-observance?
3.1 Certainty of Intention
3.2 Certainty of Objects
3.3 Certainty of Subject Matter
4 Administrative Unworkability & Capriciousness


  • What is the effect of administrative unworkibility and capriciousness on a trust or gift?
5 Conceptual Uncertainty


  • What is the effect of conceptual uncertainty on the trust or gift?
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