Population Distrubation and Density

Winn Hossain
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Mind Map on Population Distrubation and Density, created by Winn Hossain on 03/06/2014.

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Winn Hossain
Created by Winn Hossain over 5 years ago
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Population Distrubation and Density
1 Demography
1.1 The study of human poulation
1.1.1 It studys the rates of births and deaths
1.2 Demographers are the people who study Demography
1.2.1 Demographers and Geographers work together to help with problems regarding their work
2 Cencus
2.1 When the government collects information about the people living in the country they run
2.1.1 Demographers wrok with the government to inform them of the situation of population
2.1.2 This information changes every 5 years
3 Population Distrubation
3.1 This is the area of where people live
3.1.1 We calculate the population distrubation by population/area. The population is = to the km2
4 Population Density
4.1 How many people that live in a given area
4.2 Population Density is classified in three ways
4.2.1 Sparse Population Desity: Small land, Large Poulation
4.2.2 Dense Population density: Small land, large population
4.2.3 Moderate Population Density: Medium land, Medium Population
5 Natural Enviorment
5.1 The different areas of the earths land
5.1.1 71%=Water
5.1.2 15%=Unfavourable land
5.1.3 14%=Favourable Land
6 Arble Land
6.1 Areas with good fertile soil, moderate climate and water
6.1.1 These area of lands are usally well poulated .

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