Olympic Sports

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Valerie Gruest

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Olympic Sports
1 Guatemalan Athletes
1.1 Valerie Gruest
1.1.1 Name
1.2 Born on March 14, 1999, She started at gimnastics at age 5. In CCCAN She earned 4 gold 1 Silver and 3 Bronze.. In CAMEX 8 Gold and 2 Bronze.
1.2.1 Biography
2 Sports
2.1 Swimming
2.2 Rules
2.2.1 First, Never push off the bottom of the pool or pull off the lane line. Leads to a disqualification
2.2.2 Second, For Butterfly and Breastroke do a two hand touch other was it's another DQ
2.2.3 Third, don't go dive in at the start of the race before you hear the beep. Some competitions have a two start rule, but I think they have gotten rid of this except for summer league.
2.2.4 Fourth: In backstroke you must remainly mostly on your back except for the flip turn.
2.2.5 Fifth: For butterfly and breastroke do not do a freestyle(flutter) kick.
2.3 Why?
2.3.1 Because Karen likes Swimming And She has my name.
2.4 Dangers
2.4.1 Poor stroke mechanincs develop shoulder problems
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