Sky Islands

Hamza Ahmed
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Hamza Ahmed
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Sky Islands
1 Process
1.1 1. Who created Sky Island?
1.2 2. What attractions are in it?
1.3 3.When was Sky Islands first established?
1.4 4. Where did they get the money to fund the Island?
1.5 5. Why did he create Sky Island?
1.6 6. How did he get the resources?
1.7 7. Which government gave permission?
2 Outcome
2.1 I would like to teach the class and give them a lesson on geography.
2.2 I'd also like to give a nice entertaining presentation.
3 Objectives
3.1 To give every one a lesson on geography
3.2 To create an island that everyone will enjoy
4 Goals
4.1 Get high marks
4.2 Give a good presentation
4.3 Have fun!
5 Year 8 Project Based Learning
6 By: Hamza Ahmed
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