Cosmological Argument

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Created by GemmaCoton over 5 years ago
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Cosmological Argument
1 Aquinas
1.1 First Way
1.1.1 Observe things are in a process of motion
1.1.2 Everything is changing from a potential state to actual
1.1.3 Something can't be actual and potential at the same time E.g. if something is actually hot it can't be potentially hot but can be potentially cold
1.1.4 Everything in motion must have been put in it by another
1.1.5 Chain of motion can't go on for infinite Necessary to have a first mover
1.2 Second Way
1.2.1 Nothing is an efficient cause of itself
1.2.2 Efficient cause follows in order: 1,2,3
1.2.3 Not possible for efficient cause to go back to infinity Necessary to admit first efficient cause
2 Leibniz

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