Aristotle's ethical language

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a-level Philosophy RE Mind Map on Aristotle's ethical language, created by tasfiashoebaya on 03/08/2014.

Created by tasfiashoebaya over 5 years ago
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Aristotle's ethical language
1 Absolute
1.1 An absolute definition of 'good' would be something as good in itself
2 Relative
2.1 A relativist definition of 'good' would be something as good in a particular contex
3 Aristotle's causes
3.1 1) Material cause
3.2 2) Efficient cause
3.3 3) Formal cause
3.4 4) Final cause (its the things purpose in life
4 Eudaemonia is achieved through exercising the virtue ethics
5 Descriptive ethics
5.1 it simply describes the way people in different societies actually behave
5.2 the issues of right and wrong isn't examined
6 Normative ethics
6.1 it examines the issues of right and wrong
6.2 it examines how How people

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