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Modelos Addie y Assure son modelos tecnológicos que nos ayudan a organizar los ambientes de aprendizaje.

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  1. Is one of the most common models used in the structional design to produce an effective one.
    1. Analysis phase
      1. 1- Of the learner
        1. 2. Instructional goals
          1. 3. Developing instructional analysis
            1. 4. Learning Objectives
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        3. Design Phase
          1. 1. An assessment's design
            1. 2- Creating instructional strategy
              1. 3. Select a form of the course.
          2. Development phase
            1. 1. Create factual sample for the instructional design
              1. 2. Develop the materials of the course
                1. 3. Run through the condition of the design.
            2. Implementation phase
              1. 1. Training the instructors
                1. 2. Prepare the learners.
                  1. 3. Organizing the learning environments
              2. Evaluation phase
                1. 1. One to the formative evaluation.
                  1. 2. Small evaluation group
                    1. 3. Formative evaluation on trial in field.
                      1. 4. Summative evaluation
              3. Is a guide for planning and conductiong instruction that uses media.
                1. 1- Analize learners
                  1. 2. State Objectsives
                    1. 3. Select media and materials
                      1. 4.Utilize media and materials
                        1. 5. Require learner participation
                          1. 6. Evaluate and revise
                            1. is the most important component, reflects on the lesson
                            2. what and how students will learn.
                            3. Utilize the materials that you consider, like electronic equipment.
                            4. time to select the apropriate the for the given learner task
                            5. Is to specifically to state the objectives for the instructional experience.
                            6. Planning is to specifically identify your audience.
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