weathering & erosion

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weathering & erosion
  1. Biological weathering
    1. seeds fall into the cracks in rocks will grow with moisture
      1. the roots force through the stone cracks and make more cracks
        1. animals like rabbits widen cracks further.
          1. this results in the rocks breaking up.
      2. this is the action of plants and animal on the land.
      3. Physical weathering
        1. water gets into the cracks of rocks.
          1. when the temperature drops below freezing the water will expand as it turns into ice
            1. this expansion puts pressure on the rock around it increasing the sizeof the cracks.
              1. over time this causes rocks to weaken therefore break off.
            2. also known as freeze-thaw or frost action
          2. rainwater contains weak acids that can react with certain rocks
            1. this causes the rocks to break up and disintegrates
            2. chemical weathering
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