Elements of an ESL teaching method

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Elements of an ESL teaching method
1 Method
1.1 Approach
1.1.1 a) A theory of the nature of language -An account of the nature of language profiency and of the basic units of language structure
1.1.2 b) A theory of the nature of language learning -An account of the psycholinguistic and cognitve processes involved in language learning -An account of the conditions that allow for succesful use of these processes
1.2 Design
1.2.1 a. the general and specific of the method b. a syllabus model c. types of learning and teaching activities d. learner roles e. teacher roles f. the role of instructional materials
1.3 Procedure
1.3.1 a. Classroom techniques, practices, and behaviors observed when the method is used -Resources in terms of time, space, and equipment used by the teacher -Interacional patterns observed in lessons -Tactics and strategies used by teachers and learners when the method is being used
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