Working memory model

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Working memory model
1 Baddley and hitch
1.1 Working memory is what you use while working on a complex task which requires you too store information as you work.
2 Central executive
2.1 Phonological loop
2.1.1 Phonological store
2.1.2 Articulatory process Deals with words heard or seen
2.1.3 Deals with auditory information
2.2 Visuo-spatial sketchpad
2.2.1 Inner scribe
2.2.2 Visual cache
2.2.3 The planning of a spatial task
2.3 Episodic buffer
2.3.1 Integrates information from components
3 Evaluation
3.1 Dolcos et al
3.1.1 Used FMRI scans; different areas of the prefrontal cortex were activated when perfoming tasks using different stores
3.2 Shallice and Warrington
3.2.1 P after car accident found damage to the brain was just to the STM, in particular the phonological loop, suggesting there are different parts to the STM
3.3 Only concerns the STM
3.4 The stores are poorly defined