Conflict Essay

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My plan for dramatic tension essay.

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Conflict Essay
1 Tension between Mary and Abby
1.1 "She is seventeen, a subservient, naive, lonely girl"
1.1.1 Fiddle with apron
1.1.2 Hands clasped in front of her, head down.
1.2 Her nature causes contrast and tension between her and Abby
2 Tension between Mary and Proctor
2.1 "I saved her life today"
2.1.1 Straight posture
2.1.2 Authorative tone
2.2 Enjoys her sense of power
2.3 Lets the audience know that Abigail is trying to get rid of Elizabeth
3 Tension between Mary and Proctor (cont.)
3.1 "I will not be ordered to bed no more… I am eighteen and a woman"
3.1.1 Annoyed tone
3.1.2 Rigid posture, looking straight at Proctor
3.2 Her sense of power is superficial
3.3 She ends up doing what Proctor asks her to anyway
4 Tension in the court
4.1 [hardly audible]
4.2 Terrified of lying about witchcraft
4.3 Fear of Abigail
5 "You're the devil's man"
5.1 Terrified tone
5.2 Scared facial expression
5.3 Pressure to confess during the trials.

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