Build a mind map of the five materials

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Materials unit 1

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Build a mind map of the five materials
1 What is an alloy?
1.1 What is Ore?
1.1.1 What is Ferrous? What is non-ferrous? Give an example of what cast iron is used for Give an example of what zinc is used for ? Galvanising products to protect from rusting for example roofing crash barriers and fencing Heavy crushing machinery Give two examples of ferrous and non ferrous materials ? Metals that contain no iron and therefore do not rust Metals that contain iron and small amounts of other elements
1.1.2 An ore is the orogin of a metal which is taken from the groound
1.2 Name two types of alloys?
1.2.1 Brass Bronze
1.3 The combonation of pure meals
2 Name a number of individual manufactured boards and their uses ?
2.1 Whats the difference between hard wood and soft wood ?
2.1.1 Hard wood is hard and difficult to cut as well as being very dense whereas soft wood is not very hard and squssy if tutched
2.2 Plywood
2.2.1 Blockbord Chipboard Hardboard
3 Thermoplastics -give five types and their characteristics?
3.1 What is PVC used for and its characteristics
3.1.1 What is thermosetting plastics? Name two themosettings plastics characteristics and uses Epoxy resins Melamine formaldehyde Plastics that cannot be reheated
3.1.2 Good weather and chemical resistance
3.2 PET-poly ethylene
3.2.1 HDPE
3.2.2 PVC LDPE
4 What is a composite material ?
4.1 GRP what does polyester resin let it do ?
4.1.1 Carbon Fibre- what is the difference between carbon fibre plastic and GRP ? What is kevlar and what do the police use it for? Bullet proof armour Carbon fibre is stronger GRP
4.1.2 Modle into a certain shape
4.2 When two or more materials are combined
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