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GCSE Physics Mind Map on X-rays, created by Samuel Marsh on 04/29/2013.

Samuel Marsh
Created by Samuel Marsh over 6 years ago
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1 Part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
1.1 High frequency and very short wave length
1.1.1 Their wavelength is about the same size as the diameter of an atom
2 Properties
2.1 Affect a photographic film in the same way as light
2.2 Are absorbed by metal and bone
2.3 Are transmitted by healthy tissue
2.3.1 Can be filled with contrast medium that absorbs X-rays so that they can be seen on an X-ray image
2.4 Can be used to treat cancerous tumours at or near the body surface
3 Are used to form images of bones on photographic film
3.1 Check for fractures and dental problems
4 Charge-coupled devices (CCDs)
4.1 Used to form electronic images of X-rays
5 CT scanners
5.1 Use X-rays to produce digital images of a cross-section through the body
6 Risks
6.1 Cn cause ionisation
6.2 Can damage living tissue when they pass through it
7 Precautions
7.1 Workers should wear film badges
7.2 Use lead screens to shield them from the X-rays

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