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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Ultrasound, created by Samuel Marsh on 04/29/2013.

Samuel Marsh
Created by Samuel Marsh over 6 years ago
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1 Human ear
1.1 Detects sound waves with frequencies between 2Hz and 20,000Hz
1.1.1 Higher frequencies than this are called ultrasound waves
2 Electronic systems
2.1 Can produce ultrasound waves
2.2 When a wave meets a boundary between two different materials, part of the wave is reflected
2.2.1 The wave travels back through the material to a detector The time it takes to reach the detector can be used to calculate how far away the boundary is The results may be processed by a computer to give an image
2.2.2 In the time between a transmitter to a boundary and back Twice the distance to the boundary
3 Formula
3.1 s = v * t
3.1.1 's' is the distance travelled in metres, 'm'
3.1.2 'v' is the speed of the ultrasound wave in metres per second, 'm/s'
3.1.3 't' is the time taken in seconds, 's'
4 Uses
4.1 To scan unborn babies
4.2 Scan soft tissue
4.2.1 Eye
4.3 Theropy
4.3.1 Shatter kidney stones into smaller pieces
5 Risks
5.1 Non-ionising
5.2 Safer than X-rays

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