Psycology of Religion

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Psycology of Religion
1 Freud
1.1 Religion is a neurosis which stems from deep psychological trauma
1.1.1 Stems from trauma's thats are from a sexual root religion is therefore an illusionresulting from sexual difficulties
1.2 Religion is a collective Neurosis which stemsfrom the unconcious mind
1.3 The minds sollution is to lock trauma's away in the unconcious
1.3.1 Later emerges as religion Religion creates compulsive behaviour
1.4 Animinism
1.4.1 When suffering from extreme gulit the mind creaes idols (totems) Mind redirects guilt through sacrifice and compulsive behaviour Through sacrifces and prayer The mind can now control these feelings of gulit
1.4.2 creation of these idols then results into a religion The mind can now control these feelings of guilt as it comes to terms of trauma druing sexual development
2 Jung
2.1 Rejects that religion is caused by inner sexual trauma
2.2 Also rejects that religion is a a dangerous entity to be exposed and overthrown
2.3 Religion is an expression of the collective unconcious
2.3.1 A natural process
2.4 Stems from archetypes within the unconcious mind
2.4.1 perfroms its function of harmonising the psyche
2.5 God is an archetype
2.5.1 Each born with tendencies create religious imagery i.e. God's angels and other religious phenomena
2.6 No physical proof of if God does/doesn't exist

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