YSU Invoved (offical map)

Abigail Kremm
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Abigail Kremm
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A radio show about events going on for YSU students

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YSU Invoved (offical map)
  1. Events
    1. Attend events
      1. Interview people at event
        1. Sound clips from event
        2. Event organizers
          1. in-studio interviews about the event
            1. Where they got the idea
              1. How it was executed
                1. What they hope for the event
                  1. How they felt about the event
                2. Talk about
                  1. Any history of similar events
                    1. What kind of an event
                      1. Charity
                        1. School spirit
                          1. Fun
                          2. What the event hopes to accomplish
                            1. What the outcome of the event was
                            2. Other details
                              1. Other guest, like co-hosts, who went to the event with me
                                1. Music according to theme of event
                                  1. Calming music for yoga
                                    1. Lack of music for silent disco?
                                      1. Music of the band for concerts
                                      2. On weeks with no events...
                                        1. Top ten lists of places near campus
                                          1. "everyday activities"
                                            1. Events near campus?
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