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GCSE Mindmap
  1. COST
    1. what is the estimated cost of the product
      1. what is the retail cost-why is it that much
      2. is the product affordable
      3. CLIENT
        1. who are my audience
          1. what is the age group
            1. what do the cliants want
          2. ENVIRONMENT
            1. how will it effect it
              1. is it made from suitable products
              2. SIZE
                1. what size
                  1. what is a sustainable size
                  2. Function
                    1. What will make my product stand out
                      1. How many functions will the product have
                      2. safety
                        1. will it have any shap edges
                          1. will it support the weight of the jewellery
                          2. Manufacture
                            1. can it be made in a workshop
                              1. what is the product made from
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