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Mapa mental que se trata sobre el Teoria General de sistemas y la importancia de esta dentro de todos los campos de aplicacion.

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  1. General System Teory
    1. Was originally proposed by biologist Ludwing Von Bertalanfly in 1936.
      1. Born September 19, 1901 in Atzgersdorf, Austria
        1. He died in Buffalo New York in 1972
        2. He studied philosophy of science and biology
          1. He wrote the famous book on TGS
            1. Published the Individual growth model
          2. Is the interdisciplinary study of systems in general
            1. Its purpose is to study the principies applicable to systems at any level in all fields of research
              1. William Ross Ashby
                1. Born in Septembre 6, 1903 in London and He died in 1972
                  1. He contributed to the consolidation of modern cybernetics
                    1. English physician and neurologist
                      1. He was President for the Society of General Systems
                    2. System
                      1. It is a set of organized and related elements that interact to achieve a goal.
                        1. Systems concepts include
                          1. Systems-environment boundary
                            1. Input
                              1. Output
                                1. Porcess
                                  1. State
                                    1. Hierarchy
                                      1. Goal Directedness
                                        1. Information
                                    2. Importance GTS
                                      1. Symbolics Systems
                                        1. Sociocultural Systems
                                          1. Humans
                                            1. Animals
                                              1. Lower Organisms
                                                1. Open Systems
                                                  1. Control Mechanisms
                                                    1. Clockworks
                                                      1. Static Structures
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