Professional Promotion

Rubi  Arzola
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Rubi  Arzola
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Small presentation of a developed vision.

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Professional Promotion
  1. Internal Resources
    1. Customer Service
      1. Quick Learning
        1. Decisive
          1. Ease of Word
            1. Creative
              1. Motivational
                1. Organized
                  1. Responsible
                    1. Carismatic
                      1. Decision Making
                      2. Tools
                        1. Time


                          • Time Management
                          1. Work
                            1. Automovile
                              1. Electronics
                                1. University
                                  1. Softwares
                                    1. Internet
                                    2. Neutral Events
                                      1. Health/Illness
                                        1. External Accidents
                                          1. Unemployment
                                          2. Disadvantages
                                            1. Anger
                                              1. Little Tolerance
                                              2. Short termVision
                                                1. Get a promotion taking as main support my inner resources and tools and along the way strengthen my weaknesses and mold them to become strong resources. Getting a competitive salary and meeting important people who contribute to my professional growth and job maturity.
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