Patricia Berthelier
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Patricia Berthelier
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English as an Additional Language Mind Map on INTRODUCING MYSELF, created by Patricia Berthelier on 09/07/2016.

Resource summary

  1. ID
    1. First name and family name
      1. Age
        1. Place of residence
    2. FAMILY
      1. number of sisters and brothers
        1. uncles and aunts
          1. first cousins, cousins, nieces, nephews
          2. elder / eldest / older sister + younger/youngest brother
          3. parents' names and parents' jobs
          4. HOBBIES 1 INTERESTS
            1. playing football, etc
              1. watching TV
                1. stamp collecting
              2. Foreign Languages
                1. History
              3. MY FAVORITE PERSONS
                1. My best friends
                  1. My favorite singers or musicians
                    1. My favorite actors or actresses
                      1. My favorite sportsmen or sportswomen
                2. AT SCHOOL
                  1. Foreign languages + how good I am
                    1. My English teacher last year
                      1. My favorite subjects
                  2. WHAT I AM LIKE
                    1. My personality
                      1. My physical appearance
                        1. My expectations
                          1. What I like doing
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