Physics 2.2

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Created by kellysadie over 5 years ago
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Physics 2.2
1 Forces between objects
1.1 Forces are measured in newtons
1.2 Objects always exert equal and opposite forces on eachover
1.2.1 Action and reaction forces
1.3 A force can change the: shape,motion or state of rest
2 Resultant force
2.1 The resultant force is a single force that has the same effect as all forces acting on object
2.2 If an object is accelerating there must be a resultant force acting on it
2.2.1 Accelerating can be speeding up,slowing down or changing direction
3 Force and acceleration
3.1 Resultant force=mass x acceleration
3.2 The bigger the resultant force- the greater its acceleration
3.3 Greater the mass- smaller acceleration
4 On the road
4.1 Friction and air resistance oppose the driving force of the car
4.2 Stopping distance=time it travels during reaction time+ breaking time
4.3 Thinking distance is increased if driver is tired or drunk
4.4 Braking distance can be increased by condition of car and road
5 Falling objects
5.1 The weight of an object is the force of gravity on it
5.2 The terminal velocity of a falling object is the velocity when falling in a fluid
5.2.1 The weight is then equal to the drag force on the object
6 Stretching and squashing
6.1 The extension is the difference between the length of the spring and its original length
6.2 the extension is directly proportional to the force applied to it
6.2.1 If we apply too big of a force we have exceeded the limit of proportionality
7 Force and speed issues
7.1 Fuel economy- reducing speed reduces amount of fuel
7.2 Anti-skid surfaces increase friction preventing skids

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