Media Key information

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Some key words and examples for the media exam.

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Media Key information
1 Conforms to/ subverts from
1.1 Stereotypes
1.1.1 Ethnicity Stereotypes given to ethnic groups, e.g white people are posh.
1.1.2 Gender E.g, the matriarch for a motherly figure
1.1.3 Regional identity Accents spoke etc
1.1.4 Age E.g all teenagers are lazy and hate education
1.1.5 Sexuality Stereotypes of how people dress/ act etc
2 Exam technical areas
2.1 Camera shots
2.1.1 [Extreme] close up
2.1.2 Mid shot
2.1.3 Establising shot
2.1.4 Birds eye view
2.1.5 Over the shoulder
2.2 Sound
2.2.1 Diegetic
2.2.2 Internal diegetic (inner monologue)
2.2.3 Non-diegetic sound
2.2.4 Music, score and themes
2.3 Editing
2.3.1 Continuity editing
2.3.2 Reaction shot
2.3.3 Eye-line match
2.3.4 Pace of editing Quick cuts Long take (rarely used) Slow motion
2.4 Mise en scene
2.4.1 Props
2.4.2 Lighting
2.4.3 Costume
2.4.4 Non-verbal communication
2.4.5 Setting
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