It Was a Pleasure to Burn

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It Was a Pleasure to Burn
  1. Guy Montag


    • 1. He took a book from the burned house. 2. He hide this book in the grill of the A/C. 3. He don't want the captain to see his book. 4. He like to burn books at the beginning. 5. He find his wife overdosed.
    1. Mildred Montag


      • 1. She's TV addicted. 2. She call sea shells her apparently headphones. 3. She overdose the sleeping pills. 4. She likes to be liberal and paint her hair. 5. She don't even want kids.
      1. Clarisse


        • 1. She's 17 years old. 2. A nature lover. 3. She's afraid of the wild youth. 4. She became friends with Guy. 5. She don't like the school.
        1. Captain Beatty


          • 1. Book hater 2. He says that books need to be deleted. 3. He's the captain of the burners and always appear with fire. 4. He's the one that control the Mechanical Hound. 5. He visit Mintag when he was sick.
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