Learning Styles and Teaching

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Learning Styles and Teaching
  1. How a person learns or recalls information
    1. They come from the students genes, experiences, surroundings, and the society
      1. to teach better teachers should learn how to act, plan, observe and reflect
        1. students learn better when the teacher implements classes with their style
          1. students´ self-steem improves, that helps with their learning and if they are feeling bored, this will make them feel interested in classes again
            1. the teacher-student relationship can improve
            2. kinds of learning styles
              1. The four modalitites
                1. visual-learn by seeing
                  1. auditory-learn by hearing
                    1. Kinaesthetic- learn by moving
                      1. tactile-learn by touching
                      2. Field dependent vs Field independent
                        1. Field Independent-they like to do activities on their own, and is difficult for them to work with others
                          1. Field dependent-like to work with others relying on their ideas when doing activities
                          2. Left-brained dominated vs right-brained dominated
                            1. left-brained-they tend to be analytical, rely on language in thinking, plan and organized
                              1. right-brained-are very creative, like to draw , intuitive
                              2. McCarthy´s learning styles
                                1. Innovative learner-like cooperative activities because they love social interaction
                                  1. Analytic learner-like to reflect and know important things
                                    1. common sense learner-like to find solutions and learn by moving
                                      1. Dynamic learner-enthusiastic and adventurous
                                    2. Teaching Methods and activitities for each learning style
                                      1. The four modalities
                                        1. Visual-Images
                                          1. Auditory-songs, Audios
                                            1. Kinaesthetic-physical activities
                                              1. tactile-board games, demonstration
                                              2. Field independent-- activities on their own vs Field dependent -cooperative activities
                                                1. Left-brained-provide instructions, let them discover right-brained-demonstrate, realia, drawing
                                                  1. McCarthy´s learning styles
                                                    1. Innovative-cooperative activities
                                                      1. analytic-teach them the facts
                                                        1. common sense-problem solving
                                                          1. dynamic-challenging activities
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