Types of Diabetes

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Types of Diabetes
1 Type 1
1.1 Children and youth are most likely to diagnosed
1.2 pancreas not producing enough or any insulin to allow glucose form the blood into the cells.
1.3 strong genetic links and exposure to certain viruses such as influenza
1.4 Insulin must be administered by the individual
1.4.1 done with a pump
1.5 monitor blood glucose levels to ensure they are in the desired range
1.5.1 high they cause hyperglycaemia and too low is hypoglycaemia.
1.6 side affects occur including being fatigue, confusion and headaches.
1.7 Special attention needs to be paid to diet, exercise and body weight.
2 Type 2
2.1 Occurs in older and often overweight people
2.1.1 children can be diagnosed
2.2 type 2 the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot use the insulin effectively.
2.3 overweight is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes because the fat cells become more resistant to insulin than muscle cells, strain on the pancreas and higher levels of fat may destroy insulin producing cells.
2.4 no cure but managed by lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and weight management.
2.5 Associated with other conditions including obesity, CVD, hypertension and high cholesterol.
3 Gestational
3.1 during pregnancy in 3-8% of women
3.2 As baby develops hormones are released to assist its growth and development. These hormones are essential to the baby but lower the insulin levels in the mothers body.
3.2.1 As the baby grows the hormones expand and therefore the mother develops diabetes for underproduction of insulin.
3.3 CAN mean more glucose is passed on to the baby which can increase gestational growth resulting in high birth weight and low blood glucose in the baby.
3.4 Disappears after the birth of the baby
3.4.1 mum high risk of type 2
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