Types of Dementia

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Types of Dementia
1 Alzheimer disease
1.1 Most common in those 65 years and over but can occur in younger ages
1.2 Define: build up of proteins both in and around the brain cells and as a result brain function is impaired.
1.3 first signs are memory loss and general vagueness in conversation.
2 Vascular disease
2.1 reduced blood flow to the brain
2.2 Can occur due to stroke or other damage to blood vessels and circulation
2.3 Oxygen and Nutrients in the brain are reduced, brain cells die and function is impaired
2.4 symptoms include problems with spatial awareness, planning, reasoning and judgement.
3 Dementia with Lewy bodies
3.1 spherical proteins known as Lewy bodies which are located inside the nerve cells of the brain
3.2 degeneration and death of nerve cells.
3.3 diagnosis is difficult
3.4 symptoms are problems with concentration and attention, confusion, vial hallucinations, tremors and stiffness.
4 Frontotemporal dementia
4.1 Define: progressive damage to two specific pans of the brain, the frontal lobe and the temporal lobe
4.2 Front is responsible for judgement and social behaviour. These people may have trouble with appropriate behaviour in social situations
4.3 Temporal is responsible for language. Symptoms would include slurred speech, loss of meaning and difficulty understanding language.
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