The Weimar Constitution!

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The Weimar Constitution!
  1. Main Features
    1. Proportional Representation (PR) in Germany was every 60,000 votes got a member of there party in the Reichstag
      1. The President: He was head of state and he had most power. He was the one that controlled the army and he was also the one that appointed the chancellor. He was elected every 7 years
        1. The Bill of the rights: This guaranteed that every German had freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to meet and freedom from arrest without a good excuse
          1. The German Reichstag was the German government. They controlled what happened in the country and they were the ones that made the laws.. They were voted for every 4 years
            1. Each German state kept its government,, but it kept little power. National National laws overruled state laws.
            2. Advantages
              1. All Germans had equal rights, including rights to vote for men and qomen over 20
                1. Proportional representation made sure parties had the same percentage of seats in parliament as they did in the elction
                  1. Provided a strong leader to keep control over the country in an emergency
                    1. Each state had its own elected assembly to represent local interests
                    2. Disadvantages
                      1. Article 48 could be used for evil instead of good
                        1. The president had the most power and could control most things
                          1. Proportional representation made it easy for smaller parties to rise to power
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