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Maths Revision
Asmaa Ali
Camera Angles
9 History- The Treaty of Versailles
General Physiology of the Nervous System Physiology PMU 2nd Year
Med Student
RE Keywords - Paper 1 - Religion and life
Kerris Linney
Biology B2.1
Jade Allatt
Biology B2.3
Jade Allatt
Biology B2.2
Jade Allatt
Germany 1918-39
Cam Burke
1 14th April-20th April
1.1 C1 Maths: revision cards for different processes. Work through some questions in book, 1-4.
1.2 Physics G481: revision cards 1-4. Questions from end of chapter test.
1.3 Biology Unit 1: Complete practice exam questions in book, chapters 1-3.
1.4 Maths C2: revision cards for different processes. Work through some questions in book, 1-4.
1.5 Chemistry F321: Revision cards. Questions at end of pages, module 1 and 2.
2 21st April-27th April
2.1 Biology Unit 2: complete all revision cards. Exam questions in book, chapters 7-11.
2.2 Chemistry F322: revision cards. Diagrams etc for processes and tests.
2.3 C1 Maths: Questions in book, 5-11
2.4 Maths C2: Questions in book 5-11
2.5 Chemistry F321: Questions at end of pages, module 3. Questions at end of F321.
2.6 Physics G481: revision cards 5-8. Questions from end of chapter test
3 28th April-4th May
3.1 C1 Maths: Exam paper
3.2 C2 Maths: Exam paper
3.3 Chemistry F321: Questions from booklet off internet. Exam paper. Identify areas needing work.
3.4 Chemistry F322: Questions at end of pages.
3.5 Biology Unit 2: Exam questions in book 12-17.
3.6 Physics G481: Write out any long answer questions.
3.7 Biology Unit 1: Exam questions in book, chapters 4-6. Exam paper.
4 5th May-11th May
4.1 Biology Unit 1: Diagrams etc. Spider diagrams and identifying areas needing work. Exam paper.
4.2 Physics G481: chapter 1-4 booklets. Spider diagrams. Exam paper.
4.3 C1/C2 Maths: Exam paper
4.4 Physics G482: Revision cards. Questions from end of chapter test.
4.5 Chemistry F322: Questions at the end of F322. Exam paper
4.6 Chemistry F321: Spider diagrams. x2 exam papers.
5 12th May-18th May
5.1 Biology Unit 2: processes diagrams.
5.2 Physics G481: chapter 5-8 booklets. Exam papers.
5.3 C1/C2 maths; exam papers.
5.4 Chemistry F321: Identify anywhere needing work. Exam papers.
5.5 Biology Unit 1: Spider diagrams. Exam papers
6.1 19th May- C1 Maths. 20th May- Physics G481. 21st May- Biology Unit 1. 22nd May- C2 Maths. 23rd May- Chemistry F321.
6.2 2nd June- Biology Unit 2. 3rd June- Chemistry F322. 9th June- Physics G482. 12th June- D1 Maths.
7 19th May-25th May
7.1 Physics G481: Spider diagrams. Exam paper.
7.2 C2 maths: exam papers .
7.3 Chemistry F321: Any questions to finish off. Exam papers.
7.4 Biology Unit 1: Exam papers. Revise processes and structures.
8 26th May-1st June
8.1 D1 Maths: revision notes on all processes. Exam papers.
8.2 Biology Unit 2: Identify any areas needing work. Spider diagrams. Exam papers.
8.3 Chemistry F322: booklet from internet. Exam papers. Spider diagrams.
8.4 Physics G482: Questions from end of chapter test. Exam papers. Spider diagrams
9 2nd June- 8th June
9.1 D1 Maths: Exam papers. Questions from folder.
9.2 Chemistry F322: Exam papers, booklet from internet.
9.3 Physics G482: Spider diagrams. Exam paper.
10 9th June-12th June
10.1 D1 Maths: Exam papers

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