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Web Site
1 Meaning
1.1 A web site is a collection of web pages.
1.2 A web page cointains any type of information and can include text, color, graphics, animation and sound.
2 Elements
2.1 10 main elements
2.1.1 About us
2.1.2 Simple navegation
2.1.3 Great images
2.1.4 Call to action (or Signup)
2.1.5 Search
2.1.6 Informational Footer
2.1.7 Space
2.1.8 Web fonts
2.1.9 Contact information
2.1.10 Style for butoons
3.1 What is
3.1.1 Is an address to a resource on the internet
3.2 What does
3.2.1 A URL is used to define or reference a page from the other pages that exist
3.3 is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator
3.3.1 Example https://www.goconqr.com
4 Web organization domain
4.1 It is to translate the IP addresses of each active node in the network, storable and easy terms of finding
4.1.1 Examples .co for services of Colombia .cr for services of Costa Rica .ar for services of Argentina .fr for services of Francia
4.2 It use two letters
5 Web region domain
5.1 It use three or more letters
5.2 They are those that are used for commercial companies and organizations around the world.
5.2.1 Examples .biz commercial and business activities .travel travel agency .museum exclusive museums .coop cooperatives .gov government institutions . .mobi mobile devices .ws website .pro professionals .cc global dominance .name names or nicknames .asia companies in Asia , Australia and Pacific .edu educational institutions. .tv video companies , film and television .info dissemination of information .mil military
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