Authentic Assessments

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EESL 630 Module 3 Mind Map Assignment

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Authentic Assessments
1 Teaching Diverse Learners
1.1 Schools are legally obligated to identify and assess ELLS
1.1.1 Home Language Surveys during enrollment are a starting point for identification at our school since we have a large population of diverse learners.
1.2 Initial assessments of language, literacy & content knowledge are used to meet students where they are.
1.3 Some Resources for teachers are Reading a-z, Colorin Colorado, and ACCESS for ELLS.
1.4 Working with students and providing necessary accommodations using the TESOL/WIDA standards to meet students in all four domains ( Listening, Speaking, Reading, & Writing)
2 What is Authentic Assessments
2.1 Students perform real-world tasks
2.1.1 Unlike traditional assessments where students answer basic questions to recall information taught.
2.2 Students demonstrate meaningful application of skills and knowledge.
3 How to create Authentic Assessments
3.1 Using Authentic/Informal Assessments
3.1.1 Performace-based assessments Activities geared to ELL's current level
3.1.2 Portfolio Assessments Samples of student work assessing progress throughout the entire year.
3.2 1. Identify the Standard
3.3 2. Select an Authentic Task
3.4 3. Identify Criteria for the Task
3.5 4. Create the Rubric.
4 Why Authentic Assessments
4.1 Capture Constructive nature of learning
4.2 Direct measure of students ability
4.3 Integrate teaching, learning and assessments
4.4 Provides multiple paths to demonstrations of knowledge and skills gained.
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