Physics 2.3

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Physics 2.3
1 Energy and work
1.1 When a force moves an object, work is done
1.2 Energy transferred= work done
1.2.1 Work=force x distance
1.3 Work done to overcome friction is transferred to heat energy
2 Gravitational potential energy
2.1 The gpe of an object depends on its weight and how far it moves vertically
2.2 change in gravitational potential= massXgravitational field strengthXchange in height
2.3 Power is the rate of transfer of energy
2.3.1 P=Energy/time
3 Kinetic energy
3.1 All moving objects have kinetic energy
3.1.1 E=0.5XmassXv^2 (speed)
3.2 kinetic energy depends on mass and speed
3.3 An object is 'elastic' if it regains its shape after being stretched/squashed
3.3.1 When work is done on an elastic object it has elastic potential energy
4 Momentum
4.1 The greater the mass and velocity, the greater the momentum
4.1.1 Momentum=mass x velocity
4.2 conservation of momentum=momentum stays the same after explosion/collision
5 Explosions
5.1 In an explosions 2 objects push apart with equal forces
5.1.1 1 positive 1 negative so momentum is 0
6 Impact forces
6.1 When vehicles collide the force of impact depends on: mass,velocity and duration
6.1.1 If impact time is short forces are large
7 Car safety
7.1 Seat belts and airbags spread force across chest
7.2 Crumple zones increase impact time
7.3 We can use conservation of momentum to work out speed before impact
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