Reasons for the 1906 Liberal landslide


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Reasons for the 1906 Liberal landslide
  1. Liberals secured a landslide victory over the Conservatives 400 seats to 157.
    1. Boer War (1889-1902)
      1. 40% of British recruits were declared unfit for military surface suggesting that poor health was weakening the nation's ability to defend itself.
        1. The deaths of 28,000 Boer women and children in British concentration camps caused moral outrage. DLG stated that "we have now taken to killing babies"
          1. Conservatives exploited national patriotic support for the war to win the 1902 Khaki election which angered voters.
          2. Nonconformists voters
            1. The 1902 Education Act changed funding for schools. Nonconformists were furious that their rates would now be contributing to the costs of Anglican and Catholic schools.
              1. The 1904 Licensing Act aimed to regulate the sale and consumption of liqour but angered anti-drink Nonconformists as it proposed paying generous compensation to brewers for the loss of their licenses.
                1. 'Chinese slavery' was another moral issue. Chinese workers were imported to south Africa as cheap labour which Nonconformists regarded as unethical exploitation. Trade unions also voiced fears that employers might import Chinese labourers into Britain to keep wages low.
                  1. As a result, over 200 Liberal Nonconformists MPs were elected to Parliament in 1906.
                  2. Tariff Reform
                    1. In 1903 Joseph Chamberlain resigned to campaign for the reintroduction of tariffs, arguing that it would strengthen the empire.
                      1. The Liberals united against protectionism (imposing duties on imports) and united under a banner of Free Trade
                        1. Public feared that tariff reform would lead to higher food prices.
                        2. Working class voters
                          1. Conservatives alienated working class voters.
                            1. The 1902 Taff Vale Judgement allowed companies to sue trade unions for losses caused by strikes, thereby removing the unions' most powerful weapon in industrial disputes.
                            2. There was growing awareness that the state needed to do more to improve living standards for the most vulnerable. However, the Conservatives seemed unprepared to introduce any substantial social reform.
                            3. Conservative weaknesses and misjudgements contributed immensely to their defeat. The Liberals were able to unite under a new leader: Henry Campbell-Bannerman, and key issues such as free trade. The Liberal landslide was as much an overwhelming rejection of Conservative policies as it was a positive endorsement of new Liberal ideas.
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