Weight Training 09-27-2016

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Weight Training vocabulary set

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Weight Training 09-27-2016
  1. Students will be able to
    1. HIIT
      1. High Intensity Interval Training
      2. Cool Down
        1. A brief, mild exercise done after a vigorous exercise to help the body safely return to a resting state.
        2. Anaerobic
          1. Physical activity done in short, fast bursts or sprints and is directed toward increasing muscle mass.
          2. Frequency
            1. How many times a week a person completes a specific workout
            2. Hypertrophy
              1. An increase in cell size (girth), usually in reference to muscular gain.
              2. Warm up
                1. An exercise that enables a muscle to reach the maximum force production in as short s time as possible
                2. Set
                  1. A basic unit of work containing the number of times (repetitions) a specific exercise is completed
                  2. Strength/Resistance Training
                    1. The process of exercising with progressively heavier resistance for the purpose of strengthening the muscular-skeletal system
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