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1 Of Intention
1.1 Segregation of Assets/Repletion of Words
1.2 Precatory Words
1.2.1 consider in context
1.2.2 indicate hope/desire
2 of Subject Matter
2.1 need to ascertain property
2.2 have means to ascertain
2.3 at time of creation of trust
3 of Objects (B's)
3.1 Conceptual Certainty
3.1.1 certainty of class of B's
3.1.2 identify boundaries of class
3.1.3 tests for different types of trust Fixed - 'exhaustive' test discretionary - ' non-exhaustive'
3.1.4 Evidential question of fact identifies who falls in class Re Baden test
3.2 Ascertainability
3.2.1 T's must ascertain B's
3.2.2 pay share into court
3.2.3 'Benjamin' Order
3.3 Administrative Workability
3.3.1 Formalities Declaration of Trust Transfer of Legal Title Assign/Dispose of Equit. Interest
3.3.2 Specifically Enforceable Contracts (SEC)

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