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Westinghouse Permissive Signals

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1 P-4: Reactor Trip
1.1 Purpose: Protection Grade Signal
1.2 Setpoint: Reactor Trip Breakers Open
1.3 Coincidence: Train associated trip breaker and bypass breaker open or not connected.
1.4 Notes: Performs the following:
1.4.1 Activates Main Turbine Trip
1.4.2 Will generate FW Isolation signal if Tave below low Tave setpoint of 564 deg F (processed by SSPS)
1.4.3 Blocks auto re-actuation of SI after manually resetting SI (processed by SSPS)
1.4.4 Seals in FW Isolation signal due to SI or HI-HI S/G level (P-14) (processed by SSPS)
1.4.5 Arms Steam Dumps to allow operation in Tave mode from Plant Trip Controller
2 P-6: SR Rx Trip Block
2.1 Setpoint: > 10E-10 amps
2.2 Coincidence: 1/2 IR
2.3 Notes:
2.3.1 Allows manual block of SR Hi Flux Trip (2/2 block switches)
2.3.2 Block switches also de-energize SR Hi Volts
2.3.3 When <10E-10 amps on 2/2 channels then: SR Hi Volts re-energized SR trip and Flux doubling protection re-instated (occurs automatically)
3 P-7: At Power
3.1 Setpoint: None
3.2 Coincidence: P-10 or P-13 met
3.3 Notes: The following Rx Trips are re-instated with P-7 met (blocked when not met):
3.3.1 PZR Lo Pressure
3.3.2 PZR Hi Level
3.3.3 RCP Undervoltage
3.3.4 RCP Underfrequency
3.3.5 Low Flow in 2 RCS Loops
4 P-8: 3 Loop Flow
4.1 Setpoint: > 48%
4.2 Coincidence: 2/4 PR Channels
4.3 Notes: Allows Rx trip when low flow condition is sensed
4.3.1 On 2/3 channels for 1 RCS loop
4.3.2 Auto blocked when 2/4 channels < 48%
5 P-9: Turbine Trip
5.1 Setpoint: > 50%
5.2 Coincidence: 2/4 PR Channels
5.3 Notes: When met, generates RX Trip if Turbine Trip occurs
5.3.1 Auto blocked when < 50% on 3/4 PR channels
6 P-10: Nuclear At Power
6.1 Setpoint: > 10%
6.2 Coincidence: 2/4 PR Channels
6.3 Notes: When met, it performs the following:
6.3.1 Feeds P-7
6.3.2 Auto blocks SR Trip and de-energizes SR Hi Volts
6.3.3 Allows blocking of IR Trip and C-1
6.3.4 Allows blocking of PR Trip (Low setpoint)
6.3.5 SR Hi Flux at S/D annunciator and CTMT Evacuation alarm defeated
6.4 Notes: When 3/4 PR channels < 10% the following are auto re-instated:
6.4.1 IR Trip
6.4.2 C-1
6.4.3 PR Trip (Low setpoint)
6.4.4 Removes permissive to P-7
7 P-11: PZR SI Block
7.1 Setpoint: < 1960 psig
7.2 Coincidence: 2/3 PZR Pressure Channels
7.3 Notes: When met allows manual blocking of:
7.3.1 Low PZR Pressure SI
7.3.2 Low Steamline Pressure SI, once blocked the Neg Steam Line P Hi Rate is armed
7.4 Notes: Once PZR P > 1960 psig on 2/3 channels then:
7.4.1 Low PZR SI blocked, Open signal to SI Accum Isol Valves
7.4.2 Low Steamline P armed, Neg SL P Hi Rate blocked, Open signal to SI Accum Isol Valves
8 P-12: Lo-Lo Tave
8.1 Setpoint: 553 deg F
8.2 Coincidence: 2/4 Channels
8.3 Notes: When met:
8.3.1 Auto closes all steam dump valves
8.3.2 3 Cooldown steam dump valves may be opened by bypass switch
9 P-13: Turbine At Power
9.1 Setpoint: Turbine PWR > 10% RTP
9.2 Coincidence: 1/2 Turbine Impulse P Channels
9.3 Notes: When met:
9.3.1 Feeds P-7
9.3.2 Auto removes signal to P-7 when no longer met
10 P-14: S/G Hi-Hi Level
10.1 Purpose: Protection
10.2 Setpoint: 84% (U1) / 81.5% (U2)
10.3 Coincidence: 2/3 detectors on any 1 S/G
10.4 Notes: When met performs the following:
10.4.1 Trips MFPs
10.4.2 Trips Main Turbine
10.4.3 Generates Main FW Isolation signal
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