Digital Video

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Digital Video
1 What are the format of The Digital Video?
1.1 Codecs
1.1.1 WMV – Windows Media Video
1.1.2 DivX – DivX-encoded Movie
1.1.3 H.264
1.2 Containers
1.2.1 MOV or QT – QuickTime
1.2.2 MPG – MPEG Video File
1.2.3 FLV or SWF – Flash Video
1.2.4 MP4 – MPEG-4 Video File
1.2.5 AVI – Audio Video Interleave
1.2.6 AVCHD – Advanced Video Coding, High Definition
1.2.7 ASF – Advanced Systems Format
2 What are the differences between Digital Video and Analogous Video?
2.1 Analog
2.1.1 The colors in analog video editing is limited to when reproducing an image in levels of contrast and brightness. In the digital video uses the three primary colors, making image colors are defined more accurately.
2.2 Digital
2.2.1 In the digital video system image quality is completely independent, only affected during the scanning process it. In the analog system it depends on the quality of the video tape player, etc.
3 What is Digital Video?
3.1 System that allows the recording of images and sounds in a magnetic tape that later can be reproduced and turn on the screen of a television.
4 What are the software for playing Digital Video?
4.1 WAV ( "WAVeform audio format " )
4.2 CDA ( " Compact Disc Audio" )
4.3 MP3 ( " Media Picture Expert Group - layer 3 " )
4.4 REC ( "record" )
4.5 AAC ( " Audio Advanced Coding" )
4.6 WMA ( "Windows Media Audio" )
5 What are the Kind of Video?
5.1 Analog
5.2 Digtal
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