Authentic Assessments

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EESL630 assignment due 9/19

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Authentic Assessments
1 Perform a specific task
1.1 Students should be able to show that they can do things, not just know things
1.1.1 direct assessment My students learned the material, worked together, then presented information to new students.
2 real-world application
2.1 Students can learn skills to help them find jobs after school
2.1.1 Employees more often have to "do" something than simply recall information
2.2 Supports College and Career Readiness Standards
3 Differ from traditional assessments
3.1 State test are examples of traditional, multiple choice assessments.
3.1.1 This is an example from MS that I am very familiar with.
4 student-centered
4.1 Students are able to use learn independently and find information organically
4.2 Students can benefit from authentic and traditional
4.2.1 Both types of assessments are necessary at different times
4.3 Shift from teacher-centered, lecture style
5 Progress monitoring
5.1 Can be more frequent than traditional assessments
5.2 Helps a teacher see strengths and weaknessess
5.2.1 My former district used SMART goals to monitor student progress
5.3 Students can become involved in planning
6 Uses a rubric
6.1 Rubrics give students clear expectations for their performance.
6.2 Rubrics show where students perform based on the benchmark
6.3 Teachers can identify how they should adjust their instruction
6.4 Evidence that students can meet the expectation
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