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Digital Video
1 Types of
1.1 Analog
1.1.1 Is the information translated into electric pulses of varying amplitude.
1.2 Digital
1.2.1 is the translation of information into binary format (zero or one) where each bit is representative of two distinct amplitudes.
2 Formats
2.1 MPEG: Moving Pictures Expert Group
2.2 AVI: is the standard format for storing digital video. Good quality and large storage
2.3 MOV: For video compression
2.4 FLV: is a format that uses the Adobe Flash player to view video on the Internet.
3 Softwar
3.1 An all-in-one media hub, whether it provides merely the bare essentials or all the bells and whistles, is a necessary staple in today’s digital world of files and folders.
4 Meaning
4.1 It mean recording, manipulating, and displaying moving images, especially in a format. And to displaying images and text on a computer monitor.
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