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1 Mario Puzo author of the book ´´Godfather´´
1.1 Life: Mario Puzo was born in 1920 in New York, he was an American writer, descendant of an immigrant Italian family. Puzo was Know as the writer of the mafia since his works were well received . Mario died at his home in July 1999 because of a cardiac arrest.
1.2 Literary works: The first two works : ´´The dark sand´´ and ´´The fortunate Pilgrim´´ had a great welcome but consecrate literary work was ´´GODFATHER´´ with which he won two Oscars . Before his death , he ended his last work called Omerta
2 Vocabulary that I don't understand about the book
2.1 1. Racehorse: It is when a horse is trained and bred for racing.
2.2 2. Batray: It is when a person is not loyal to another person.
2.3 3. Thoughtfully: It is when a person tends to think seriously.
3 My opinion:
3.1 I think that reading was really good because there were few words I understood but the rest of the words was easy to understand . I really liked reading the drama was very interesting and had parts of the reading that made me laugh because in the end always Don Vito got what he wanted and also called my attention the time when the family of Don Vito always supported each other.
4 Characters that I like:
4.1 Don Vito: I like Don Vito because in the reading is a respectable man who always gets what he wants and the family comes first .
4.2 Tom Hagen: I like this character because it uses very subtle ways to get what Don Vito orders him , he is calm and is very smart to do his things and always stay with Don Vito.
5 Characters that I don't like:
5.1 Michael's girlfriend ( KAY) : I don't like this character because she always has questions about the business of Michael's family and the things they do to get what they want.
6 Parts of the book that made me laugh:
6.1 1. First part: ´´ My father made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Luca held a gun to his head and my father told him that if he didn't agree to let Johnny go, Luca would blow his brains out´´, this part made me laugh (jajaja)
6.2 2. Second Part: ´´ What are you going to do? Nice college boy. You want to kill a police captain because he hit you in the face? This is bussiness. You're taking it too personally´´ Also this because Tom used those exact words to Sunny minutes early
7 About Don Vito:
7.1 It is the fictional story of a family who is charge of Italian mafia who lives New York and is led by Don Vito has three children, his son Fredo ,his daughter Constanzia who has an unhappy marriage, his son Sonny who died in the war of the five families and finally his son Michael who inherited the business from his father.
8 Characterstics of the two sons of Don Vito:
8.1 1. Santino or Sonny ; he was tall,strong, good-looking man with brown hair.
8.2 2. Fredo: he was weak-looking and pale, with sad dark eyes and think lips.
8.3 3. Michael, he was a gentle, innocent quality , he had a soft dark eyes and full lips.
9 The chapter that I most liked.
9.1 I really liked the ninth chapter titled ´´A good American wife´´ because in that chapter Michael marries Apollonia and live happily , Michael teaches Apollonia to drive the car and teaches she how to speak English , but also makes me sad because Apollonia dies an explosion and Michael is sad.
10 The chapter that I don't like:
10.1 I didn't like the eleventh chapter because I didn't want Michael to marry Kay, also I thought that Kay would noy accept him back into his life because he left for two years in which not communicate with her and she didn't know nothing about him, but she still loved him so she married with him
11 The chapter that made me cry:
11.1 The dhapter that made me cry was the twelfth chapter when Don Vito dies in his garden when he playing with his grandson, I didn't expect Don Vito died almost young, but what calmas me is that he dies naturally doess not die accused of business.
12 the chapter that made me angry:
12.1 The chapter that makes me upset is the eighth chapter because Connie's marriage was destroyed, her husband Carlos hits her and she tells her brother Sonny what happends , when her brother goes to her rescue he is murder. that part made me angry because the eldest son of the family Corleone family died by an absurd war .
13 Possible Final:
13.1 My possible end for this reading could be that Don Vito would not die so young , afther his recovery he followed the command of his business and control the other families. So Apollonia and Sonny would not die. Afther a few years Don Vito died asleep
14 The place I liked most in the reading:
14.1 I loved the place Sicilian because in that place Michael meets Apollonia and because in that place was quieter than New York and I wish that the whole family lived in Sicilian afther the accident that Don Vito had.
15 Chapter that made me think:
15.1 The chapter that made me think was the twelfth chapter when Don Vito gives to Michael the last one advice about don't trust anyone in this business.
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