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Este es un mind map acerca de la vida de shakira y sus contribuciones al mundo.

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  1. She from Barranquilla-Colombia
    1. She was born in february two in 1997
    2. Chillhood
      1. She learned to dance the belly dance
        1. Shakira moved to Bogotá, Colombia
          1. At the age of fourteen
            1. She released her first album in 1991, entitled MAGIC
          2. At the age of four
            1. She wrote her first poem, entitled «La Rosa de Cristal»
            2. At the age of eight
              1. She wrote her first song entitled "Your dark glasses"
              2. Between the ages of ten and thirteen
                1. Shakira was invited to several events in Barranquilla
                  1. Shakira won a contract with Sony Colombia.
              3. Fathers
                1. William Mebarak Chadid
                  1. American born in New York of Lebanese origin .
                  2. Nidia de el Carmen Ripoll Torrado,
                    1. Colombian of Catalan descent
                  3. Major contributions to the world
                    1. In 1990s.
                      1. She has a foundation established in the city of Barranquilla
                        1. Pies Descalzos Foundation
                          1. Provides assistance to the community of children
                      2. Shakira is goodwill Ambassador
                        1. Of UNICEF
                        2. In 2006
                          1. Shakira was awarded by the ONU
                          2. Shakira donated $ 40 million dollars
                            1. For Peruvian and Nicaraguan indigenous communities by the natural tragedies
                            2. In 2009
                              1. She opened the educational institution and community center
                                1. Called Pies Descalzos Foundation
                                  1. Provides a better education to the people of low resources that live in La Playa village
                            3. ¿why did we choose it to her?
                              1. In our opinion Shakira is an example to follow, a very dedicated, charitable, talented woman. Since she was a girl, She fought for her dreams overcoming all the criticism towards her voice and she managed to fulfill everything what was proposed.
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