1c - Development Methodologies

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1c - Development Methodologies
  1. Specific ways of completing design and implementation (development)
    1. Prototyping
      1. Iterative process between design and development
        1. System designed as it is developed in stages
          1. User evaluates each stage
            1. Changes made based on user feedback e.g changes to requirement specification
            2. O- User gets to see the actual system instead of just designs
              1. O- More effective feedback
          2. Rapid Application Development (RAD)
            1. Used a lot for mobile apps
              1. Prototyping
                1. Timeboxing
                  1. Requirements are set can compared at the beginning and end of each stage
                    1. O- Requirements can be refined
                      1. User and developer decide on features for next stage
                      2. Uses Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE)
                        1. Feasibility
                          1. Gather Requirements
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