INCLUDE strategy

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INCLUDE strategy
  1. Step 1: Identify Classroom Demands
    1. Classroom Orgnization
      1. Physical Organization
        1. The use of time
          1. Classroom Routines
            1. Classroom Climate
              1. Behavior management
              2. Classroom Grouping
                1. Instructional Materials
                  1. Instructional Methods
                  2. Step 2: Note student learning strength and needs
                    1. Acadimic
                      1. Basic skills
                        1. Cognitive and learning strategies
                          1. Survival skills
                          2. Social emotional development
                            1. Physical development
                            2. Step 3: Check for potential areas of student success
                              1. Highlight students strengths in academic and social emotional areas
                                1. Mixed - skill groupings
                                  1. Enhance student self-image & motivation
                                  2. Step 4: Look for Potential Problem Areas
                                    1. Reviewed students learning needs
                                      1. Identify potential mismatches
                                      2. Step 5: Use Information to Brainstorm Adaptations
                                        1. Accommodation: same LOS
                                          1. Modification: chang LOS
                                          2. Step 6: Differentiate instruction
                                            1. Age appropriate strategies
                                              1. Easiest approach first (time efficient for teacher)
                                                1. Differentiate between cant and wont problems
                                                  1. Give students choices: (helps them take responsibility for their own education) have students explain their manipulations - suggesting class rules
                                                    1. Select accommodation and modification you agree with
                                                      1. Select strategies with demonstrated effectiveness: (small group - whole class)
                                                      2. Step 7: Evaluate student progress
                                                        1. Track effectiveness through grades, observation analysis effetiveness of students work portfolios, performance assessments and teacher
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