Digital Video

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Basic concepts about digital video.

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Digital Video
1 1. Meaning
1.1 Visual multimedia source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture.
2 2. Kind Of
2.1 Explainer videos:
2.1.1 While the idea of explaining things in a video format is nothing new, the term “Explainer video” is.
2.2 Whiteboard videos:
2.2.1 Whiteboard videos have become one of the most popular styles of explainer videos.
3 3. Difference
3.1 Analog
3.1.1 Analog video is a video signal transferred by an analog signal. An analog color video signal contains luminance, brightness (Y) and chrominance
3.2 Digital
3.2.1 Digital video signal formats with higher quality have been adopted, including serial digital interface
4 4. Format
4.1 MJPEG ("Motion JPEG")
4.1.1 A codec consisting of a stream of JPEG images. Common in video from digital cameras, and a reasonable format for editing videos, but it doesn't compress well, so it's not good for web distribution.
4.2 WMV ("Windows Media Video")
4.2.1 A collection of Microsoft proprietary video codecs. Since version 7, it has used a special version of MPEG4.
4.3 RM ("Real Media")
4.3.1 A closed codec developed by Real Networks for streaming video and audio. Maybe also a container?
5 5. Software
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