Product design exam revision

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Created by soniamartinelli1 over 5 years ago
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Product design exam revision
1 Biodegradeable polymers
1.1 Examples
1.1.1 Polylactide Can be made into films to make plastic bags
1.1.2 Biopol Can be blow moulded into bottles
1.2 Applications
1.2.1 Food packaging Has short life cycle so needs to biodegrade if sent to landfill to protect environment
1.2.2 Detergent sachets
1.2.3 Surgical stitches
1.2.4 Plastic bottles
1.2.5 Plastic bags
2 Smart materials
2.1 Examples
2.1.1 Thermochromatic sheet Thermal warning patches Battery conduction indicators Jewlery Will change colour in response to heat Shows wheather body/water temp. is too hot/cold
2.1.2 SMA Flexible spectacles Fire sprinkler control Dental braces Non toxic Will not contaminate patient
2.1.3 Thermochromatic pigment Thermometers Baby feeding products Kettles
2.1.4 Photochromatic pigment Sunglasses Sun blocking products
2.1.5 Phosphorescent pigment Emergency exit signs Toys
2.1.6 Polymorph Modelling grip prototypes
3.1 Protections to comply with regulations
3.1.1 Store product in origional container with correct lables
3.1.2 Dispose of product correctly
3.1.3 Dispose of at authorised recycling centres
3.1.4 PPE precautions
3.2 PPE equipment
3.2.1 Goggles Drilling/Sanding/Welding Protect from dust
3.2.2 Apron General workshop activities Protects from Clothing getting caught in machinery
3.2.3 Gloves Getting cut on sharp or hot objects Burning hands
3.2.4 Ear defenders Using machinery Damaged hearing after loud noise
3.2.5 Face mask Sanding/using adhesive Lung damage from inhalation of dust
3.2.6 Boots Carrying or installing equipment Damaged or crushed toes
3.3 Signs
3.3.1 Flammable
3.3.2 Toxic
3.3.3 Harmfull
3.3.4 Corrosive
3.3.5 Irritant
4 Rotational moulding
4.1 Mould halves are loaded with amount of thermoplastic ploymer
4.2 Mould is clamped together
4.3 Mould rotated in a heated chamber, plastic melted
4.4 Rotation ensures polymer covers all of interior
4.5 Mould is cooled and opened
4.6 Advantages
4.6.1 Hollow part can be made in one piece
4.6.2 Ideal for rigid, tough, flexible shapes
4.6.3 No material wastage
4.6.4 Moulds are cheaper than injec. or blow moulding
4.6.5 Even thick walls
4.6.6 Every product the same
4.6.7 Suitable for large production scale
4.6.8 Inexpensive initial set up costs
4.7 Disadvantages
4.7.1 Only hollow shapes produced
4.7.2 Manufacturing costs are high
4.7.3 Plastic must be ground into powder
5 Pine
5.1 Indoor furniture
5.1.1 Sustainable timber-sourced from reliable forests
5.1.2 Not suitable for outdoor furniture
5.1.3 Relatively soft/easy to work with
5.1.4 Widely available
5.1.5 Has attractive colour/grain
5.1.6 Suits modern interiors
5.1.7 Finished with variety of stains
6 Metal effects card
6.1 Gift boxes
6.1.1 Available in long wide sheets essential for mass production
6.1.2 Compliant material Single piece/flexible
6.1.3 Attractive aesthetic quality
6.1.4 Can be embossed with logo
6.1.5 More rigid than standard card
6.1.6 Can be laser cut
7 Injection moulding
7.1 1
7.1.1 Polymer granules added to hooper
7.2 2
7.2.1 Polymer moved forward by Archimedean screw
7.2.2 Moved to heaters which melt polymer
7.3 3
7.3.1 Archhimedean screw pushed back
7.3.2 Hydraulic ram pushes screw forward and injects polymer
7.4 4
7.4.1 Polymer sets mould halves open
7.4.2 Product removed by ejector pins
7.5 5
7.5.1 Excess polymer removed
8 Stainless Steel
8.1 Does not corrode when exposed to moisture/air
8.2 Corrosion reduces aesthetic appeal
8.3 Malleable/Ductile so can be press formed
8.4 Attractive silver appearance
8.5 Hard, will resist scratches and dents
8.6 Chemically resistant can be cleaned with bleach
8.7 Press forming
8.7.1 1) Stainless steel sheet unrolled and straightened
8.7.2 2) Sheet punched into blanks
8.7.3 3) Blanks clamped at press
8.7.4 4) Press punches sheet into shape

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