Letter/email to a Friend

Ana Paula Barcelos
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How to write a letter or an email

Ana Paula Barcelos
Created by Ana Paula Barcelos about 3 years ago
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Letter/email to a Friend
1 Useful language
1.1 Introducing the topic
1.1.1 I know you're keen to hear all about my holiday
1.1.2 You remember i told you in my last letter that i was going to...
1.2 Ending the letter or email
1.2.1 Once again, thanks very much for all your help
1.2.2 Give my love/regards to your family
1.2.3 Please write soon
1.2.4 I look foward to meeting up again soon
1.3 Begining the letter or email
1.3.1 How are things with you?
1.3.2 How are you and your family?
1.3.3 It's been such a long time since we wrote to each other.
1.3.4 I tought i'd better write and give you some more details about...
1.3.5 How was your holiday?
1.3.6 Many Thanks for your letter - It was really nice to hear from you again
2 Tips
2.1 DO mention a letter or email you have recieve from de person you are writing to, or refer to a share experience
2.2 DO say what you've been doing recently
2.3 DO mantion the next time that you will see the person you are writing to
2.4 DO use an appropriate phrase to end your letter or email, e.g.: Love, All the best, Best wishes. DON'T finish your letter or email with: Yours sincerely/faithfully
2.5 DO think of some specific details to include in each paragraph - this will make your letter or email more interesting
2.6 DO invent a name, don't write "Dear Pen Friend"

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